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"There is always something new to learn and discover, I feel that it's important to myself as well as my clientele, to keep finding new products, and learning all I can to make my business unique, and to provide top quality services for "YOU" and that special, furry 'family member' in your life. I take a lot of pride in my profession and had the opportunity to travel to various grooming tradeshows & expos in the United States & Canada to find out what's "in & new" in the world of grooming and upgrade my skills. One thing about this profession, is that all of us groomers have discovered... 'no one knows absolutely everything!' It's a trade that is constantly changing, and there is always something to learn & discover!"


- Candy Levine, Co-Owner Tender Pawz Pet Grooming


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We accept all major forms of payment.

Cash, Cheque, Interact e-Transfer, Credit Cards, and debit via Square.


   Open most days about 9 or 10

   Occasionally as early as 7

   But some days as late as 12 or 1

   I close about 5:50 or 6

   Occasionally around 4 or 5

   But sometimes as late as 11 or 12

   Some day or afternoons...

   I'm not here at all

   And lately I've been here all the time

   Except when I'm somewhere else

   But I should be here then, too.


                                      ...a little

groomers humor


Our Grooming Hours are Flexible...we are *CLOSED SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS*

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