You'll meet me in the light

I know that you can't see me,

but trust me I'm right here.

Although I'm up in heaven,

my love for you stays near.

So often I see you crying,

many times you call my name.

I want so much to lick your face,

and ease some of your pain.

I wish that I could make you see

that heaven indeed is real.

If you could see me run and play

how much better you would feel.

But our loving God has promised me

that when the time is right,

you'll step out of the darkness and

meet me in the light.

Personal family pets

we have lost over the years

Some of clients we lost from 2012-2015:

Even more furry loved ones

we have lost along the way

Listing of clients since Jan. 2015 (Alphabetical)

  • Listing of clients since Jan. 2015

  • BAILEY Harrison

  • BEAR O'Reilly

  • BEEBS Woodman

  • BELLA Bilmer

  • BENTLEY Steele

  • BUDDY Enfield

  • CARVER Mellis

  • CHANCE Forster

  • CHARLIE Rivera

  • COBY Kutny

  • DEEDEE LaBoucane

  • DIEGO Stover

  • EDDIE Banwait

  • FLOPS Woodman

  • GIZMO Reid

  • GUS McGrigor

  • HIC-CUP Green

  • JAKE Moore

  • JETT Emeterio

  • KECO Bilmer

  • KEIKO Dann

  • LACEY Rohne

  • LADY Stover

  • LEVETTE Moss

  • MAGGIE Tame

  • MASON Bisson

  • MAXI Dyck

  • MILO Swecera

  • MISSY Harris

  • MOLLY Morrison

  • MOLLY Nichols

  • MOLLY Skeats

  • MONTY Borne

  • MURPHY Murphy

  • MYA Borne

  • NIKO Torok

  • PEBBLES Kirk

  • PIPER MacAulay

  • RICHIE Dizon

  • ROCKY Holding

  • SEAMUS Fitger

  • SOPHIA Reid

  • TAFFY Agnew

  • TOBY Bulmer

  • WHISKY Pyke

  • WICKET Curylo

  • YARROW Bothner

  • ZANNA Nutbrown

  • ZOE Townrow

  • ZOEY Swanson

  • PEPPER Going

  • BUDDY Biggs

  • TOBY Hansson

  • TEDDY Marlow

  • TIA Sprenger

  • MAZEY Borne

  • LINUS Anderson

  • SADIE Long

  • HARLEY Murray

  • STUART Smale

  • MISSY Dyal

  • CHUBBY DeMicheli

  • PEARL Brian

  • PEPPER Fitterer

  • PEARL Bilmer

  • ARMANDO Dugger

  • KYLE Davies

  • LILY Hodder

  • TUFFY Sheth

  • CHOLE Charles

  • AJ Mowbray

  • FURDEL Birak

  • LOVEY aka "Chicken" Peloquin

  • MURREY VanViet

  • GUS Rudolph

  • BOGIE Biddle

  • SADIE Sleath

  • MOLLY LaBoucane

  • SHERU Chahal

  • ANDY Pipunic

  • PASCAL Dias

  • DUSTY Taylor

  • MAX Bains

  • JAX Matsalla

  • CASEY Going

  • PEEKA Braun

  • SPARKY Thompson

  • SCAMPI Gibson

  • LUCY Roe

  • BANJO Wilkinson

  • GIGI Jacker-Thienpont

  • KEALA Baird

  • RAJA Shirleen

  • LOTUS Holding

  • CYLON Jones

  • ROXY Czank

  • FERGUS DesLauriers

  • MYLO Etheridge

  • SASHA Gumbleton

  • BINTI McLean

  • VANILLA Bodwell

  • LARKA Krukowsky

Tender Pawz​


Located in the heart of surrey!

Large fenced area!

Our yard is large and fenced, pets have the freedom to run around at their own leisure, just as they would at home. The main grooming facility is the sun room enclosure on the porch.

*IMPORTANT* For the saftey of yours and others pets, please lock & secure both black gates upon entry. Thanks!

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13167 - 72nd Avenue

Surrey, B.C. Canada V3W 2N4

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13167 - 72nd Avenue

Off 72nd Ave, turn onto 132 Street, then turn at 73 Ave, turn left

again onto 131a, then finaly turn left into the cul de sac at 72b Ave.

There is a sign at the end of the driveway.