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Kayabliss Healing Remedies


Tina's K9 & Feline Oral Hygiene

Tina Bell is certified in teeth cleaning for dogs & cats. She is based on Vancouver Island and travels all over B.C. to provide this service and has been doing it for many years. There is no one else I would trust with my pets or my clients. This is a 'sedation-free' stress-free session. She comes every 3-6 months to my shop. In some cases, a vet referral is recommended. If you would like more information, you can get in touch with me or visit Tina's website. 

Famous Skin Care for dogs

Famous Skin Care for dogs is designed to help dogs that are having skin and hair issues. Founder of Famous Skin Care for Dogs, Audra Lynn breeds and shows Chinese Cresteds. Who knows dogs skin better than someone that deals with hairless dogs on a daily basis. Famous Skin Care for dogs not only specializes in skin, but hair as well. There are many products such as Anxiety Spray, Car Sickness, Yeast products, Hair Growth, Whitening Shampoo and much more.

Famous products are available in Canada... Candy Levine is the Canadian contact for the Famous Skin Care For Dogs Products or email

FURminator Treatment

The FURminator treatment will make both long and short-haired pets look better and feel great. The first treatment will reduce shedding 60-80%, and is proven to help 'allergy sufferers' breath a little easier with regular treatments. Ask us for more details.

Dhana Metta Rescue Society

Dhana Metta Rescue Society is the next generation of animal rescue societies. Our hopes are not only to help abused, neglected, special needs and senior dogs/cats, but also to educate the public on:
- The importance of proper training and care of domestic pets
- How we can all help prevent pet over population by spaying and neutering
- The negative effects of puppy/cat mills and back yard breeders
- How working together can make a change in the regulations & laws regarding animal cruelty. 

Aide for Paws & Rescue Society

Aide for Paws is a foster-based non profit animal rescue organization. Not only do we have a foster and adoption program but we also create fundraising events year round to help raise money for registered non-profit animal organizations. We also collect donations of new and gently used pet supplies, as well as food, for those in need. 

MarshMellow Natural Extract Dematter/Detangler

MARSHMELLO-Natural Extract Dematter/Detangler. NATURAL PLANT EXTRACT gives the 'slippyness' to Dematt! NO Silicones! NOW - We have a CHOICE! Perfect for dog groomers & home use.

Royal Treatment Italian Pet Spa

Lorenzo Borghese of Europe, developed this unique, all natural & tear less line of PH balanced products for your pet. He deals with 26 different countries to provide the best ingredients & oils to produce top quality shampoos, conditioners, and other products. It has mostly been marketed in high-end pet boutiques, gift shows and the HSN in the United States.

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