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COVID-19 2020 Update



We are taking extra precautions in order to get up and running again.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns! 

These are the steps we need to take in order to re-open our business for our clients.  This has been a difficult time to be closed and we have always felt that Dog Grooming is Essential, but others do not feel the same way.  We cannot stay closed any longer, there are too many dogs out there that are in desperate need of grooming, so we are going to work hard at trying to provide our services again.

Please be patient.  We have a lot of pups to pamper that have been put on hold for awhile and we run a small shop.  We like it this way because we are able to spend more time with our clients and give them more one on one attention and we pride ourselves on our work which cannot be done in an hour.  We text or call 20 minutes before your dog is finished, so don’t worry if we have them for a couple of hours, it’s the amount of time we require to beautify your pet!  They are not kenneled and have a nice backyard they can enjoy when they are at our shop.

We are also expecting a ‘surge’ of clients that may still not be able to get an appointment with their regular groomer at this time.  So we are booking ahead, there may be a wait during this transition from being closed for so long to being open and trying to fit everyone in.  Again, we are asking for patience, we can only do so much in a day to keep our quality of work where we need it to be and for the safety of your pet.  You can also be put on a wait list for a sooner appointment if one becomes available we will be in touch.


* Please feel free to come into our yard, you may come up to the grooming room, but at this time we are not allowing our human clients into the room at this time.

* We are asking clients to remove collars, harnesses, leashes, etc and take them home with you.  If you do want to leave them behind, they will be disinfected and hung on a hook in our grooming room.

* We will be wiping down and disinfecting tables after each dog.

* We will be hand sanitizing when handling each dog’s finishing clip and we are the only ones handling your dog, so no one else will come in contact with them.

* If you are ‘Immune Compromised’ and you really need your pet groomed.   Please let us know when booking your appointment so we can take any extra precautions.   We will come out to your vehicle with Gloves & Mask on to get your dog if you do not want to come into the yard.

Please have Gloves on and Mask of some kind as well.

* If paying by cash, please put money in an envelope or baggie so we can handle it appropriately.

* All other forms of payment are done by a square reader or E-Transfer.  The square reader is hooked up to our cellphones, so you can let us know how the payment is going to be made, and we can put it into our phones ourselves then all you have to do is tap your card on the square reader itself and we will have it outside at a distance in order for you to do the transaction.

From the Staff at Tender Pawz Pet Grooming

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